Artist Statement


When we moved to Texas my family was wide eyed and young, I had three children and more hands to hold than I possibly could. When we left, forteen years later, we had six children. While in Lubbock, my children breathed the air, ate the dust, and  saw the ever changing “landscapes” of the sky. There we became true Texans.

As I look back on my history, I see many people who have made the choice to leave the land of their birth. My family heritage is full of frontiersmen who forged paths for others to take, settling and dying in frontier lands.Their bones lay in the ground as a legacy for the next generation. I am so intrigued by the quiet gift of my ancestors, it has cultivated my own growth. Their choices have affected me. I am a product of their choices.

I am creating a ground for the future. I choose to nurture and enrich the soil around me. The patterns that I create and choices I make affect those within my reach. In my work I play off themes of growth, decay, sacrifice, and nurturing. I use both natural elements (dirt, seeds, gravity, flowers and plaster) and domesticated elements (sewing, knitting, cooking and ironing). I work with things I am familiar with as a mother, a housewife, a gardener, and an artist.










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