The Wind Might As Well Be Part of the Landscape

Writ &Vision, Provo, Utah

There is a lake in Lubbock Texas that is a landmark. In other words, there is no lake there, just the remains. We can look to it and see evidence that it once was. The poor people who see the signs, “Lubbock Lake Landmark”, who bring their ice chests and beach towels, get a surprise when all they see is a vast landscape of the different vegetation that inhabits our flat plains. The up side is Lubbock Lake Landmark is not flat. It is among the most varied rolling plains that Lubbock has to offer, as rolling as a dried up lake can be. 

The landscape is very natural. Stink gourds, yucca plants, prairie grass, and wild flowers thrive here. Seeds are blown and scattered for the next generation. The wind might as well be a part of the growth. It’s evidence array itself in the plants as they grow leaning the direction they are blown. The lack of water doesn’t stop the growth, the lake is full of life in the spring and summer and dead or dormant in the fall and winter. 

The cycle continues. Things grow amidst the harsh environment, the wind thrashing about and the lack of water does not make the growth even bat an eye towards failure to keep on growing. 

There is a beauty there that changes with the seasons

Spring: growth

Summer: abundance

Fall: sacrifice

Winter: evidence

Where She Stood, fabric, soil, hanger

Endings and Beginnings, plaster seeds/beans, recycled clothing

Little Eyes On Me, fabric, gesso, pencil, hanger

Umbilical, terra cotta, soil, yarn, hubbard seeds

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